Guardian EPASS

Emergency Positive
Air Shutoff System

Driving Innovative Technology

Plug and Play

Making installation quick and cost-effective compared to other Diesel shutdown systems. All our kits come with everything required to get the install done, including hoses and clamps. All cable links are predetermined so there is no guess work. 

Event Logging

Real time event logs that provide a detailed report of all ongoing activity of the Guardian system. This includes emergency shutdowns, daily maintenance cycling, manual shutdowns and more. 

Easy Operation

Ease of access to reopen from inside the vehicle instead of the engine compartments. Logs can be accessed by connecting to the Valve Control Unit (VCU) to a compatible device with our software. We provide a 24/7 free phone troubleshooting.

Custom Fit Solutions

Don’t know what you need? Contact us for help selection a solution. 

We can customize the features your fleet needs.

Product Features

There are pricing options available for any size of fleet. Any of our dedicated sales specialist will work with you to ensure that we find the right tier package solution for your organization. 

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