Guardian Basic Features

Dash Controller

The dash control allows the user to shutdown and open the valve from inside the vehicles cab or on the equipment. This is very safe method to quickly and effectively shutdown the engine should it enter into a “Runway”.

RPM Shutdown

The Valve Control Unit (VCU) allows for each engine to be programmed at a predefined RPM, once the engine reaches this set RPM (to within 1 RPM) it will activate the Valve to shutdown. 

Air Intake Valve Shutoff

The valve is a butterfly design with a silicone o-ring which ensures you get a positive seal every time it is used. We use a motor to control the valve so it is not able to move unless it is instructed to do so by the user.


With our design there is no reduction in air flow through the valve because it flows in lines that do not waste airspace.

The Guardian Basic Model is our entry level Guardian Safety System with Dash control and RPM Shutdown which offers superior protection in comparison with other air intake shut off valves in the market today.

As of January 2018 transport Canada regulations B621-14 and B622-14 requires an automatic engine air intake shutdown systems on diesel engines while loading or off-loading class 2.1 or class 3 dangerous goods. As well, the national energy board regulation SA 2015-02 requires every diesel engine that operates in or near oil and gas site to be equipped with an adequate air intake shutdown vale, our guardian basic is our entry level system that we recommend installing on vehicles and equipment.

To date the United States (OSHA) does not have any regulations in effect, however many oil and gas companies have as part of their safety programs a requirement or “best practice” for positive air shutdown systems on their sites.

Many US companies that deliver class 2.1 and class 3 dangerous goods to Canadian plant sites are required to have positive air shutdown system as well.

Guardian EPASS Diesel Tech Industries

Handheld RF Remote Control

The Guardian Elite safety system has a remote which has a radio frequency key fob that allows the operator to start or shutdown their equipment remotely whenever needed. The remote shutdown is a feature that provides greater safety and protection in many applications such as fracking, and loading and off-loading fuel. The remote key fob feature can even protect against vehicle theft.

Master Shutdown Capability

The Guardian Master shutdown system can save lives and equipment by instantly and simultaneously shutting down all diesel engines (equipped with the Guardian Elite system  DTI Valves) in a pre-defined area. With the master shutdown capability the Guardian Elite provides the quickest and safest method of shutting down all engines in the area, and can save companies from loss of personnel and environmental damage.

Other Products

Guardian EPASS Diesel Tech Industries

Guardian Pro

The Guardian Pro has all the same great features as the Guardian Basic but is equipped with a more advanced feature that provides a wider range of protection.

Guardian Elite

The Guardian Elite model has all the same great features as the Guardian Basic and Guardian Pro models have. In addition, it offers an even greater level of safety, handheld RF remote control shutdown, and master shutdown capabilities.

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