What is the purpose of an Emergency Positive Air Valve?

These valves are intended to stop air flow into a diesel engine in the event that the engine begins to create a runaway scenario. A runaway scenario will damage the vehicle and can potentially threaten the life of all bystanders.

Does the kit include everything that I need?

The kit includes everything to connect to the vehicle, including power and RPM connections.

What is the warranty like on the Guardian EPASS systems?

Basic – 1 Years parts and labour

Pro – 2 Years parts and labour

Elite – 2 Years parts and labour, 3 years warranty on VCU

How does the Guardian EPASS read the RPM?

The Guardian EPASS can monitor RPM by a number of different ways.




Flywheel Sensor

Alternator Tap

Alternator Sensor

Can this damage my engine?

If the valve shuts down the engine when it reaches the high RPM shutoff limit then it is possible for it to cause damages to your engine, however it is unlikely. Those damages are minimal compared to an engine runaway.

The test RPM functions are designed to make sure that the system is reading RPM. This function will close the valve at a safe limit that will not damage the engine.

My truck shut down and the valve is closed, how do I open it again?

The valve can be reopened by pushing the Run button on the dash controller. If the dash controller doesn’t open the valve then it can be manually reopened by using the manual override on the valve itself. Please refer to the user manual for more details.

Is it easy to install?

If you’re not familiar with installing accessories into a vehicle then we do not recommend doing it yourself.

For most vehicles, the installation is very simple. We do have a universal installation manual that can assist with installing the system.

Why do you have a configuration software?

All of our systems are pre-programmed to ensure that installation can be as simple as possible, but our software gives us more control over the system such as verifying the accuracy of the RPM.

The software allows us to program model specific features, such as the auxiliary connections and the tilt function. This also allows us to retrieve the log file on the VCU, which can significantly reduce troubleshooting time.

I don't go on oilfield sites, why do I need a valve?

There are several reasons why you may need to have a valve, whether you’re on an oilfield site or not.

In Canada, if you fall under CSA B620 or B621 standards then Transport Canada will require you to have a positive air valve installed on your vehicle.

Some companies make it mandatory for their whole fleet to have a positive air valve installed in a vehicle, often due to a previous incident.

Can I order replacement parts or do I need to replace the entire system?

Each part for our system can be ordered individually either through our warranty program or by purchasing separately.

My valve isn't working, what should I do?

Contact us for over the phone troubleshooting information. This is a free service that we offer, regardless of if the warranty has expired.

For the most accurate information we would need to know what the issue that is occurring, the valve serial number, vehicle information(make, model and engine) and a description of what troubleshooting has been done already. Preferably we would like to troubleshoot while the vehicle is available.

What are CSA B620 and B621?

These are standards that have been adopted by Transport Canada and only apply if the engine is being used during loading or unloading of either Class 2.1 or Class 3(including subsidiary Class 3) dangerous goods. If these standards apply to you, then you will be required to have a positive air shutoff valve that will automatically shutdown the engine if it begins to runaway.

Does your product meet the Transport Canada standards for B620 and B621?

Absolutely! Our Basic, Pro and Elite models all comply with these standards.

What is Rollover Protection?

This is a feature that is only available on the Elite models of the Guardian EPASS. If the vehicle begins to tip, such as the event that the vehicle is rolling into the ditch, the Guardian EPASS will shut down the engine. This can assist in minimizing damages to the engine and add an extra protection for the driver.

My driver keeps saying there is an issue with the valve closing but my mechanic can't find any problems. What should I do?

Our log file on the Pro and Elite models can explain what caused the vehicle to shutdown. The basic model only shows a snapshot of the last few events. This can be viewed by the configuration program that is available on our website.


Is this product only available in Canada?

The Guardian EPASS can be shipped worldwide. We have product on 6 continents.

Is the Guardian EPASS the only product that DTI makes?

Definitely not. DTI takes pride in being a transportation technology company. We offer several different products that can be found on www.dtiguardian.com

Does the valve have any moving parts that will be exposed in my engine compartment?

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