product features

Product Features

Guardian EPASS Diesel Tech Industries

Different applications require various sized valves, therefore we want our product to be as adaptable as possible to help suit our customers needs. Available immediately and on request:

  • Adaptable Valves
  • Industrial Valves

  • Nozzles & Hoses

Industries and Applications

There are many industries that operate Diesel engines in areas where combustible gases, vapors and dust can exist, a few of which are listed below:

  •  Oil & Gas
  •  Mining
  •  Transportation
  •  Power Generation
  •  Fire Controller
  •  Agriculture
  •  Marine
  •  Aviation Refueling
  •  Distilling

DTI has supplied Diesel engine overspeed safety shutdown solutions for hundreds of applications. Below are a some examples of applications that we have supplied solutions for:

  •  Drilling Support Equipment
  •  Pipeline Equipment
  •  Oil Sands Mining
  •  Well Servicing Equipment
  •  Refinery Support Equipment
  •  Bulk Haulers and Tankers
  •  Construction Equipment
  •  Mining Equipment
  •  Generator Sets
  •  Air Compressors
  •  Emergency Response Vehicles
  •  Light Towers
  •  Water Pumps
  •  Agriculture Equipment
  •  Aircraft Support Equipment
  •  Welding Sets
  •  Hydraulic Power packs
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